Aeroplane Monthly 1974-01
News Spotlight
Six of “The Few” pictured together, perhaps for the only time. They are stationed at RAF Coltishall and make up the Battle of Britain Flight.
Deliveries of T.22 Canberras to the Royal Navy began in November 1973. They will be used for radar training and are basically rebuilt PR.7s.
A flying shot of the Duxford Liberator, taken over Mildenhall.
The first HS.125-600 delivered to the continent was HB-VDL for Mueller-Wippenfuerth.
Spitfire PR.Mk XIX of the Battle of Britain Flight, recently repainted in authentic photoreconnaissance blue markings.
Fieseler Storch E Model C2 flying in the USA. It Was originally given to the Swedish Air Force.
The George Spratt two seat Controlwing. The designer claims his aircraft is stall and spin proof.