Aeroplane Monthly 1974-01
P.Moss - Wings for the Empire (1)
In February 1919 RAF D.H.9s, with service pilots, operated a supply parcel service to Belgium during war food shortage. The service was operated by AT&T and their sticker can be seen below the rear cockpit of D1197.
Airco D.H.16 G-EACT of AT&T made the second London-Paris flight as K-130 on August 25, 1919.
The Airco D.H.16, K-130, as used on the first London-Paris services in 1920. It carried four passengers in facing pairs. Note the RAF roundels and rudder stripes.
Airco D.H.16 G-EACT of AT&T made the second London-Paris flight as K-130 on August 25, 1919.
AIR CONFERENCE VISIT TO WADDON: The photo, shows in the foreground a B.A.T. Commercial machine owned by the Instone Air Line and other machines in line.
D.H.16 G-EAQS of AT&T and BAT F.K.26 G-EAPK of Instone at Hounslow in August 1921. Note the position of the pilot's cockpit in the latter. It was apparently designed to give the pilot maximum safety in a crash.
Typical machines at Waddon, alias Croydon, in 1920. On the left is a D.H.16 (a modified D.H.9) used by A.T.T., and on the right is a Koolhoven B.A.T. used by Instone Air Line. In the background an Instone Vickers Vimy Commercial may just be seen.
The D.H.18 G-EARI carried eight passengers and is doped in the blue and silver livery of AT&T. Types was powered with the 450 h.p. Napier Lion.
H.P.W8b, G-EBBI, of HPT and named Prince Henry. It carried fifteen passengers and operated on the London-Belgium service.
Instone Vimy Commercial, G-EASI.
The D.H.10 operated a mail service for AT&T during the 1919 rail strike.
King's Cup machines. (2) Bristol 10-seater (400 Bristol "Jupiter")
Bristol 75 Ten-seater before modification for Instone use.
H.P. O/400, G-EAAG, leaving Cricklewood.
Luggage loaders at work with H.P. O/10 G-EATK. Note sophisticated luggage trailer with HPT emblazoned on it.