Aeroplane Monthly 1974-01
A lovely shot of Bristol Bulldog IIA, G-ABBB, Bristol’s demonstrator in 1931. It was presented to the Science Museum in 1939 and restored to flying condition in 1961. After surviving one crash in 1962 it was finally wrecked at the 1964 SBAC show at Farnborough.
Dr. E. D. Whitehead Reid's S.E.5A G-EBCA, ex E5956, seen at the start of the 1923 Grosvenor Trophy Race at Lympne. It was fitted with an 80 h.p. Renault engine and had a breathtaking top speed of 65 m.p.h.
The two seat B.P. Balliol T.Mk.2, G-ANSF built in 1950 and demonstrated at the 1954 SBAC show. Seven others were allocated civil registrations for ferrying to the Ceylon Air Force.
Short Sunderland 3 G-AHER, ex PP142, in the livery of BOAC, high and dry at Poole in the late 1940s. This was a freighter complete with war-time bomb doors and with a minimum of windows. It was finally broken up in January 1952, probably at Hamworthy.
The Lancashire Aircraft Corporation's H.P. Halifax C.Mk.8, G-AKEC, ex PP282, was entered for the 1950 Daily Express Air Race. It is seen here straining for the off, only to come 24th at a speed of 267 m.p.h.
Hawker Osprey G-AEBD was fitted with a 595 h.p. Hispano Suiza 12Nbr engine for demonstration in Spain, where it was eventually sold in June, 1936.
One of the best known B.E.2es was G-EANW, ex C7185, seen here at Hounslow in May 1919. It was destroyed ten years later when a hangar collapsed on it at Martlesham.