Aeroplane Monthly 1974-01
??? - The Nice Meeting 1910
A fine three-quarter rear view of Effimoff's Farman, with a passenger tucked up behind the pilot.
Effimoff’s Gnome-powered Farman (No 11) leading Latham's Antoinette (No 2) round the course. Note the crowd in the distance.
Rawlinson flying his Darracq-powered Farman (No 14) over the bay on the opening day of the meeting.
Entry No 5 was the Belgian Van den Bom, on this Gnome-engined Farman.
Farman No 8 was flown by Chavez of Peru, and had a 50 h.p. Gnome engine.
Another Belgian entrant was No 12, Duray, on yet another Farman, this time with a 60 h.p. ENV engine.
Hubert Latham's graceful Antoinette monoplane presents its plan to the spectators.
The Hon C. S. Rolls on his modified Wright Flyer (No 13), the only example of the type at Nice. The new tailplane is just visible behind the starboard lower wing.