Aeroplane Monthly 1974-01
B.Martin - Britain's civil aircraft register
B-BBLC is one of a batch of Six Hiller 360 UH-12Es recently imported. This one, bearing USA markings N31702, was photographed recently at Elstree.
John Fricker's Cherokee 140 D, G-BBIX still marked as LN-AEN, also photographed at Elstree.
Seen here at Biggin Hill is G-BAYL, a Nord 1203 Norecrin III registered to R. J. Willies.
Mr. Reynolds gets down to it: Starting "Jimmy'' James in the A.N.E.C. is a somewhat difficult business.
The A.N.E.C.I., G-EBIL, was designed by W. S. Shackleton and was one of Britain's first ultra-light aircraft. It was entered in the 1925 Lympne Trials, and in the hands of J. H. James reached a height of 14,000ft after earlier flying 87-5 miles on a single gallon of petrol, powered with the 698cc Blackburne Tomtit.
The Vickers Type 95 Vulture, G-EBHO, was registered to Vickers Ltd on August 9, 1925. It was a three seat amphibian powered bv a single 450 h.p. Napier Lion and was one of two designed by R. K. Pierson for Sqn Ldr A. C. S. MacLaren’s round the world flight. This attempt began at Calshot on March 25, 1924, and ended with a take-off Burma.
Volmer VJ-22 Sportsman Amphibian, G-BBHP, built at Croydon and seen here at Biggin Hill