Aeroplane Monthly 1977-03
News Spotlight
Boeing 747 services from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt, Rome and Madrid were inaugurated by Aerolineas Argentinas on January 1, 1977.
South African Airways first A300 B2K arrived in Johannesburg on November 25, 1976. Four B2Ks have now been delivered, and the type has been introduced on high-density routes from Johannesburg to Cape Town and Durban.
One of the Strathallan Aircraft Collection’s latest acquisitions is Fokker S11 Instructor PH-ANK, seen near its new base on its day of arrival, January 7, 1977. It was purchased from Honcoops of Veen Holland, and was flown to Newcastle by Mr Honcoop and collected from there and flown into Strathallan by David Hunter, one of the Collection’s pilots, a few weeks later.
Hanriot H.D.I No 78 on display in the Brussels Air Museum after renovation.
Gradually taking shape at Canada’s National Aeronautical Collection at Rockliffe, Ontario, is a Curtiss HS-2L flying boat of the type which pioneered forestry flights in Canada in 1919. The completed aircraft will be displayed alongside the remains of HS-2L G-CAAC “La Vigilance”.
The variable-geometry remote-piloted, research vehicle (RPRV) is being used by Nasa to investigate oblique-wing aerodynamics.