Aeroplane Monthly 1977-04
Hooked Furies
Hawker Sea Fury F.B.11 WF619, later attached to RNAS Anthom. The Mk 11 was the FAA’s front line single-seat fighter until replaced by the Hawker Sea Hawk in 1953.
Still going strong in the USA is Frank Sanders’ Sea Fury, a regular air race competitor.
A Royal Canadian Sea Fury landing on HMCS Magnificent. Many ex-FAA Sea Furies were transferred to the RCN.
Первый двухместный "Си Фьюри" T.20 (VX 818).
Sea Fury T.Mk 20 prototype VX818, photographed in January 1948. An ex-Iraqi Sea Fury, this variant first flew on January 15, 1948. Note the strut-mounted periscope viewer and the absence of an arrester hook. Sixty production T.20s were built, and all were land-based and devoid of arrester hooks. The powerplant was a 2,480 h.p. Bristol Centaurus 18.
Sea Fury F.Mk X TF905 served with No 778 Sqn FAA.
Another view of Sea Fury F.B. Mk X TF905
A Sea Fury firing a dozen 3in rockets with 60 lb warheads over the Triligga ranges, Cornwall, in 1951.
Sea Fury F.B.Mk 11 TG120 was delivered to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1948, and is seen landing on HMCS Magnificent, an 18,000 ton light fleet carrier, during deck landing trials in 1948. This aircraft was subsequently lost in a ditching on June 12, 1951, while serving with VF870 Sqn.
Sea Fury F.B. Mk 11 TF969 was attached to No. 8 Training Unit, and was re-purchased by Hawker Aviation from RNAS Abbotsinch in 1957-58.
Взлетает "Си Фьюри"
Lt Cdr Harrington just airborne during a flying display at the St Merryn open day in July 1950. Sea Fury F.B.Mk 11 VW654 was attached to RNAS Anthom.