Aeroplane Monthly 1974-02
R.King - The beautiful Blitz
An interesting formation comprising l. to r., Fairey Battle K7572, the He 70G, and Hawker Fury K3586 near Hucknall in September 1937.
The sole British registered He 70, G-ADZF. This aircraft was built at Warnemunde in 1935 and was previously registered in Germany as D-UBOF. Rolls-Royce employed their aircraft as a Kestrel test bed.
Two further views of Rolls-Royce's He 70G. Unlike the He 70A, G-ADZF had a centralised pilots cabin instead of the port offset configuration, a longer fuselage and no second crew member's position.
Третий прототип самолета He 70, обозначенный как He 70b, стал первой машиной с полным комплектом оборудования, оговоренного компанией DLH.
The second He 70 bearing the test markings D-3 and later to become D-2537. It flew with Lufthansa and bore the name Blitz (Lightning), this becoming the unofficial name for the type thereafter. This photograph was taken at Staaken, Berlin, in the winter of 1932.