Aeroplane Monthly 1974-02
P.Moss - Wings for the Empire (2)
Handley Page W10 G-EBMR served with Imperial as City of Pretoria.
NEW AIR LINERS FOR I.A.L.: One of the Handley Page W.10's making a flight at Croydon, among the passengers carried being Sir Samuel Hoare, Secretary of State for Air, Lady Maud Hoare, and Mr. P. C. Larkin, High Commissioner for Canada.
H.P. W10 G-EBMT, City of Ottawa.
The new Croydon terminal in 1928. Posed in front are a W.10, Argosy and W.8b of I.A.L.
Capt G. P. Olley waits to fly the chartered W.10 G-EBMR to Prague, January 22, 1932.
Imperial’s Handley Page fleet lined up at Croydon during a christening ceremony on March 30, 1926.
THE HANDLEY PAGE W.10: View inside the saloon, looking forward. There is seating accommodation for 14 passengers.
G-EBKZ, a D.H.50A used by I.A.L. for taxi work from 1924.
A REMINISCENCE OF SUMMER: One of the Armstrong Whitworth "Argosy" machines flying over London. The various bridges, with Waterloo in the foreground, are readily identified.
Armstrong Whitworth Argosy, G-EBLF, City of Glasgow, over London in 1929.
British pilots showed a marked preference for open cockpits well into the 'twenties, the Armstrong Whitworth Argosy of Imperial Airways being typical.
Short Calcutta G-EBVG was commissioned for the Channel Isles service on July 26, 1928.
Loaned from the Air Council for operational trials, Supermarine Swan G-EBJY was introduced on the Guernsey service on October 6, 1927.
The one-off D.H.54 Highclere, G-EBKI, loaned to Imperial Airways for evaluation in 1926.