Aeroplane Monthly 1974-03
As a result of seeing the photograph of Lancaster LL806 in Personal Album (January), D. R. Clarke sent in the accompanying photograph showing another Lancaster of 15 Squadron, NG364, coded LS-P. This went to Mildenhall on November 25, 1944, to become a formation leader equipped with the Gee H radio navigation system, as the bars across the tailplane denote. The photograph was taken three months before the aircraft was struck-off charge in October 1945.
The Curtiss SB2C Helldiver of the Confederate Air Force, photographed by Nicholas Oakley while on a flight from its base at Rebel Field, Harlingen, Texas
Blackburn Beverley XB261 photographed by Tom Hamill of Flight on October 6, 1971, on its way from Boscombe Down to the Historic Aircraft Museum at Southend during its last flight.
The Ord-Hume GY-20 Minicab G-AWEP, built by Stan Jackson of Preston, a BAC engineer. This was the second Minicab built to the British drawings, and half a dozen are now flying, with many more on the way.