Aeroplane Monthly 1974-03
B.Gunston - Burbank's Blackbirds
The second YF-12A takes on fuel from a KC-135 tanker while on the NASA research programme.
The first SR-71A, 17950, which made its maiden flight on December 22, 1964.
The third SR-71A, 17952. More than half the 170,000lb gross weight is fuel.
An SR-71A of the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, USAF. The unit has operated the type since January 1966.
This approaching view of the SR-71A emphasizes the tailless delta configuration and the chine extending to the extreme nose.
A menacing front view of an SR-71A reconnaissance aircraft.
The most obvious variation in the sole SR-71B trainer was the conspicuously elevated position of the instructor’s cockpit.
Lockheed AF/YF-12 (1962). Истоки YF-12 лежали в проекте A-12 - носителе беспилотного разведчика D-21. Первый полет самолет выполнил в апреле 1962 года, затем на его базе был создан прототип перехватчика YF-12A, ставший позже SR-71A. Самолету принадлежит абсолютный рекорд скорости - 3331 км/ч, установленный 1 мая 1965 года. ВВС США планировали заказать 93 истребителя, способных летать со скоростью М=3 и предполагавшихся к вооружению УР большой дальности (AIM-47, на базе которой была создана УР AIM-54 Phoenix). Самый быстрый американский истребитель в серию не пошел.
The third YF-12A, 06936.
06935 is one of two YF-12As engaged on long term research for NASA at Edwards AFB.
The first YF-12A, 06934, originally designated A-11, which flew early in 1962. Note the central ventral fin which folds sideways for landing.
Only three examples of the YF-12A were built, these being engaged in research programmes until 1979.
Another view of the first YF-12A, before the heat-reflecting black paint scheme was applied.
Lt Col Daniel Andre and Col Robert Stephens after their record-breaking flights of May 1, 1965.
The massive engine nacelles of the YF-12A are apparent in this picture of the first aircraft.