Aeroplane Monthly 1974-03
J.Corlett - Write-off and laugh-off
The less fortunate of the two Ninacks in the accident
°- taxying out for a test flight -”, the second party in the head-on Ninack collision.
“- perched precariously on the very corner of a hangar roof” - an unconventional landing by Sir Hugh Trenchard's ADC.
A “misjudged arrival” by Avro 504K H3017.
The hole in the roof made by Plt Off Fisher's Avro 504, and the remains (cockpit arrowed) from which he emerged virtually unscathed.
"A rat 'ud never upset a flyin' machine like that" - Armstrong Whitworth Siskin two-seater J9216 during salvage.
Two views of the Armstrong Whitworth Atlas which stalled and “dropped about 20ft nose first” on approach.
"- ducking under the telegraph wires only to finish up in the hedge" - Avro 504N J8748, from which the pilot "had to perform vigorous labours to extricate himself."