Aeroplane Monthly 1974-04
B.Gunston - The Princess saga
The first Princess is rolled out at Cowes, October 30, 1951.
First takeoff of the first Princess, Geoffrey Tyson piloting, August 22, 1952. A crew of eleven was also aboard.
The three-quarter rear view emphasizes the "double-bubble" hull and displays the Proteus tail-pipes above the partly-lowered flaps.
Late in its flying life G-ALUN was finished in a handsome paint scheme, and appeared in this form at the 1953 SBAC show.
The ten Proteus 600 turbines, providing 25,000 h.p., gave the Princess a cruising speed of 360 m.p.h.
Two Cocooned Princesses at Calshot, photographed from Flight’s Miles Gemini in June 1957, when one of the nuclear-power rumours was current.
Taxying out for the maiden flight with wing-tip floats lowered.
G-ALUN at the point of take-off.
Two of the three Princesses, G-ALUN and G-ALUO on the Cowes slipway. In the background is G-ALUO, which was never completed. Only G-ALUN flew, amassing around 97hr before it was Cocooned with its two stablemates.
A view showing the rear pressure bulkheads, 1949.
G-ALUN rests on her beaching gear on the Cowes slipway.
Pioneering powered controls. The “bridge” of the first Princess, G-ALUN, showing the positions of pilot and copilot. A Mach meter is included in the instrumentation.
A cut-away diagram depicting the seating arrangement envisaged for the de luxe version.
Saunders-Roe SR.45 Princess