Aeroplane Monthly 1974-06
B.Gunston - Mighty Brabazon
Первый образец "Брабазона" и фюзеляж второго экземпляра машины, который так и не был закончен.
The Brabazon I, G-AGPW, together with the uncompleted Mk II, G-AIML, at Filton.
"Брабазон" в совместном полете с другим пассажирским самолетом той же фирмы "Бристоль-170" "Фрейтер".
The 230ft wing span Brabazon flying in company with a 98ft span Bristol Freighter.
An unusual view of the Brabazon. The black markings on the fuselage were used to assist interpretation of photographic test records.
The Brabazon landing at Filton after its first flight on September 4, 1949.
The Brabazon during a flypast at the 1949 SBAC show at Farnborough.
The Brabazon seen with some of the ungainly mass balances removed.
The fuselage is rolled out at Filton in October 1947.
The Brabazon being demonstrated at the 1951 Paris Air Show.
A head-on picture taken on completion of the first flight. The great expanse of flaps is well shown.
The sparse Brabazon cockpit. Many more instruments were, of course, attended by the flight engineer.
How the mighty are fallen. The Brabazons being scrapped in October 1953.
Bristol Type 167 Brabazon 1