Aeroplane Monthly 1974-06
P.Jinks - 834 - banana boat squadron
Probably a unique picture of P-40 Warhawks being catapulted from HMS Archer in November 1942.
Two 834 Squadron aircraft are depicted. Fairey Swordfish HS457 and a Seafire, the former flat out at 90kt, off Ballykelly, Northern Ireland, in June 1943.
A Seafire going round again after attempting a landing on HMS Hunter during the Salerno operation.
An approaching Swordfish pilot's view of HMS Battler. Three Seafires are visible on the far end of the deck.
A Blackburn-built Swordfish II, HS645, equipped with ASV aerials, photographed from another of its kind in 1944.
A Swordfish aboard the American-built HMS Battler rises by lift to the flight deck.
HMS Battler at speed with two Swordfish on deck.
Making final adjustments to a Swordfish torpedo aboard HMS Battler.
A formation takeoff from Floyd Bennett Field shows Swordfish DK782 taken from Swordfish V4424.