Aeroplane Monthly 1974-08
??? - Messing about with a Lincoln
Lincoln B.2 RF402 with a dummy Napier Naiad and water spray rig for intake icing research.
RF402 fitted with the Beverley wing-tip, was taken by Charles E. Brown in July 1956.
A close-up of the Beverley wing-tip. The Spraymat is on the right, the bulge on the fuselage side is a camera housing, and the heater intake is behind the section.
This Lincoln has been converted into a flying "ice wagon" for de-icing research by the Napier Flight Development Establishment to investigate the "hot gas" anti-icing system employed on the Blackburn Beverley freighter. A 6-ft. span section of the Beverley mainplane has been installed vertically just aft of the mid-upper gun-turret position, while the "wash-board" is in fact a water-spray mast containing 36 nozzles through which water is pumped from two 60-gallon tanks in the bomb bay on to the test section.