Aeroplane Monthly 1974-10
R.Baxter - On meeting an old friend
Raymond Baxter, thirty years ago, seated in his Spitfire “Sylvia M” which he flew with 602 Squadron RAF.
Before conversion to a two-seater, as MT818
The first two-seat Spitfire, N.32, shortly after conversion in 1946.
July 22, 1974. Tim Davies, with Raymond Baxter behind, poses G-AIDN for Richard Wilson’s camera.
At the 1948 SBAC Show, Farnborough
Taken over Staverton in 1969
At the 1946 SBAC Show, Farnborough
At RAF Odiham, 1947
In the navy blue paint scheme of the early 1970s
At Lympne in August 1947 ’DN competed in the High Speed Handicap race with a Fury, Vampire, Firebrand and a couple of Fireflies.