Air Enthusiast 1972-02
Plane facts
The mock-up of Focke-Wulf's Projekt VI Flitzer mixed-power interceptor of 1944.
The Projekt VI Flitzer, frequently confused with the Projekt VII Peterle, had the exhaust efflux for the HeS 011 turbojet superimposed on the rocket motor exhaust duct.
The Engineering Division NBL-1 heavy bomber wa unoficially known as the "Barling Bomber" after its chief designer, Walter H Barling.
A Koolhoven F.K.51 in service with the Spanish Air Force as a trainer some years after the Civil War.
Один из многоцелевых "Кольховенов" FK-51, закупленных республиканцами в Голландии.
A fully-armed F.K.51 of the Spanish Republican Air Force.