Aeroplane Monthly 1974-11
A.Johnston - Operation Market Garden
Three Horsas unloading at Arnhem. Note the detached rear fuselages and damaged wing tips.
Another group of Horsas at Arnhem, photographs by a PR Spitfire.
A tractor brings a Horsa up to be connected;
Транспортный «Галифакс» буксирует десантный планер «Хорса». 1944 г.
A Halifax tows off a Horsa Mk.I, using the divided cable tow. Note the landing skid beneath the Horsa's fuselage.
A view from the second pilot’s seat as take off commences.
A jeep is loaded aboard a Horsa Mk.2.
The Horsa cockpit. 1. Nut for wheel removal; 2. air-pressure bottle; 3. dash lamp; 4. A.S.I.; 5. towing-cable angle indicator; 6. altimeter; 7. turn and bank indicator; 8. airbrake levers (not used); 9. towing-cable release; 10. flap control; 11. undercarriage jettison; 12. landing lamps; 13. compass; 14. compressed air storage brakes; 15. wing nut for rudder bar removal and alternative spindle for pilot's leg adjustment; 16. brake regulator valve; 17. Very pistol tube; 18 compressed air storage, flaps; 19. beam approach holder; 20. dimmer switch for cockpit lights.
Stirling tugs taxy to the runway;