Aeroplane Monthly 1974-12
C.Sims - Camera in cloudscape
The author demonstrates the ideal position for air-to-air close-ups on D.H.9A JR7107 Niobe. There is reason to believe that the photograph was faked.
Philip Lucas & Hurricane with canopy problems, 1939
Roland Beamont, in an early production Canberra B2, eases up to take a close look at Charles Sims, crouched in the restricted rear turret of an Avro Lancaster. Such professional co-operation simplified the photographer's task.
Roland Falk brings the first prototype Avro Vulcan in for a frontal closeup during the 1954 Farnborough display.
A Boulton & Paul Sidestrand of 101 Squadron returns from operations in 1934.
Gloster Gladiator I, 1937
Sqn Ldr H. H. Down leads the Hawker Furies of 25 Squadron in echelon over the Kent coast, 1937.
A classic photograph of 25 Sqn Fury Ils, complete with wheel spats and with two different styles of fin markings.
Yougoslavian Fury, 1937
Norwegian Hawker Fury, 1932
Fairey TSR II, K4190 - the prototype Swordfish
Vickers Viking 1A G-AGRN, photographed by the author from a Wellington rear turret in 1946. This aircraft later went to the RAF as VW216.
H. J. Saint of Glosters aims the Gnatsnapper at the Sims camera, 1932. Such pictures required a skilful pilot and a photographer who kept his head.
The author first saw Flight’s John Yoxall at work in 1927, when he was obtaining this picture of Bulman in the Hawker Hawfinch.
Fairey S.9/30, 1935