Aeroplane Monthly 1974-12
B.Gunston - Northrop F-5 /Design analysis/ (10)
The first F-5A for the Royal Norwegian Air Force, 64-13368, during its first flight at Edwards AFB on June 17, 1965, displays the 50 US gal capacity wing-tip tanks. This country's F-5As also have assisted take-off gear and arrester hooks (just visible) for shortfield operation.
A heavily-loaded F-5A takes off. In addition to the wing tip Sidewinders, it carries two 150 US gal underwing tanks and a centreline load.
A pair of Sidewinder-equipped F-5As of the USAF take off from Edwards AFB. A photo-reconnaissance version, the RF-5A, carries four cameras.
A CF-5A of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The 115 aircraft ordered were built by Canadair Ltd, deliveries being completed in 1970.
One of the 70 F-5As serving in Spain, where the type was built under licence.
A CF-5A with the Canadian Armed Forces in low-visibility camouflage. Note the diminutive insignia.
This F-5B, seen taking off from the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, was fitted with a pair of General Electric J85-21 engines during the development programme which preceded the appearance of the F-5E.
This NF-5B two-seater of the Royal Netherlands Air Force turned up at the Greenham Common display in 1973.
Inside the F-5 cockpit.
A Northrop F-5E Tiger II displays its sleek lines. Note the modified wing leading edge root extensions, revised inlet ducts and wider fuselage to accommodate an extra 500lb of fuel.
Bob Hoover rolls an F-5E Tiger Il for the benefit of the spectators at the 1973 Paris Air Show.
Two F-5Es of the United States Air Force.
Basic structure and flight controls
Operational equipment
Northrop F-5E Tiger II, prototype aircraft
The first of two F-5F two-seat fighter trainers makes its maiden take-off from Edwards AFB on September 25, 1974, with test pilot Dick Thomas at the controls.