Aeroplane Monthly 1974-12
H.Best-Devereux - The sky's the limit
A brace of P-51s coming over the hedge.
A replica S.E.5A with tail wheel and other mod cons.
This beautiful Fokker DVIII has been flying since 1968. Ed Swearingen, who built the replica, corresponded with Rheinhold Platz, the designer of the type, for many years. It is powered by a Warner Scarab radial engine.
Walt Pierce hangs his wife Sandi by her feet from his Stearman during their double act at Oshkosh.
Two views of Mike Murphy's 1912 Bellanca replica. It took this 19-year-old student three years to build and cost $1,500.
Winner of this year's Outstanding New Design Award at Oshkosh was Burt Rutan's VariViggen.
The all-wood Jurca MJ-5 Sirocco
Ed Mahler makes his own kind of music in a PJ.295 Special.
This Starduster Too has been worked up by owner Wil Neubert to look like a carrier-based fighter of the ’30s, the F4B.
The H & H Special built purely as a fun aeroplane by Overseas National Airways pilot Dick Halpin.
Dick Curtis flying his scaled down Curtiss Pusher. This aircraft required nearly 400hr of welding to hold it together.