Air Enthusiast 1972-03
R.Braybrook - F-14 and F-15: The New Wave of Warplanes
An impression of the McDonnell Douglas F-15A.
The first Grumman F-14A Tomcat (BuAer No 157980), with wings fully forward. This aircraft was lost on its second flight just over a year ago, setting back the programme by several months.
The second F-14A Tomcat (BuAer No 157981) made its first flight on 24 May 1971 and is assigned primarily to low-speed testing, with wings locked at 20 deg. The small radome under the nose was not carried by the first prototype.
Two views of the F-14A (BuAer No 157991) number 1-X (the third to fly), which replaced the first prototype as the high speed test aircraft. The wings are shown fully forward and fully swept.
The second Grumman F-14A prototype on an early test flight.
A close-up of the F-14A showing the arrester hook and the air brakes above and below the rear fuselage between the fins.