Air International 1994-08
Fighter A to Z
Seafire F Mk XVII from No 899 Sqn, HMS Hunter, showing the tear-drop canopy and 'sting' arrester hook below the rudder.
Spitfire FR Mk XVIII, with rear-fuselage oblique camera installation.
An early production Spitfire XIV, with 'C' wing armament
A Spitfire XIV trials aircraft (with 'B' wing armament) showing the tear-drop canopy and cut-down rear fuselage.
The Spitfire XIVE.
View of the second production Mk 21 LA188 with the final, blunt wing tips.
An F Mk 22, featuring a tear-drop hood. The Spitfire F Mk 24 was externally similar.
The Spitfire F Mk 21, with definitive wing and four-cannon armament.
The third of the Spitfire VB floatplane conversions in the Middle East in early 1944