Air International 1994-08
Immaculate SP-2H Neptune N299MA is representative of the type in air tanker service, although this particular aircraft differs from other tanker conversions in retaining the original auxiliary turbojets under the wings. It was photographed at Porterville, California in May 1994.
Lockheed Jetstar 731 LY-AMB passed through Shannon, Ireland, on June 18, 1994 on its delivery flight for the Lithuanian Presidential Flight. Constructor's no. 5161, this aircraft first flew on May 21, 1973, as a Jetstar 8 and served with Esmark Inc and Smith International before being converted to a Jetstar 731 in December 1978. It then served as an executive transport with such companies as Southland Executive Charter and Mellon Bank. Prior to delivery to Lithuania the aircraft had an interior refit and was repainted in the new red, grey and white livery of Lithuanian Airlines.
To commemorate D-Day the Canadian Forces Snowbirds aerobatic team painted one of their aircraft (114188) in invasion stripes. It is seen here at the London air show, Canada, on June 4, 1994.
First turbine-powered Enstrom in the UK, Enstrom 480 registered N480EN. This new type is a five-seat development of the F.28 series powered by a derated Allison 250 turbine, and was Enstrom’s contender for the US military 'New Training Helicopter'. The aircraft has now been registered in the UK to Southern Air at its Shoreham base, as G-OSKP representing the initials of one of the directors.