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??? - Firefly: A masterpiece for the matelots (1)
The first prototype Firefly (Z1826) as originnaly flown with dummy wing cannon.
В основном Firefly принимали участие в боях на Тихоокеанском ТВД. Данный самолет принадлежал 1772-й эскадрилье, под ним виден авианосец "Индефатигейбл".
Firefly FR.I ‘K’ of 1772 Squadron over HMS ‘Indefatigable’ during the summer of 1945.
A Firefly F I of No 1770 Sqdn returning to the Indefatigable after a strike against the Pangkalan Brandon refinery, Sumatra.
The Firefly NF II did not enter service, the 37 examples completed (including Z1875 shown) being converted back to Mk I standards.
The prototype Firefly III (Z1855) featuring a two-stage Griffon 61 and an annular chin-type radiator proved generally unstaisfactory, and development was abandoned in favour of the Firefly IV.
A late production Firefly FR I (PP433) with ASH radar canister beneath the nose.
An early FR I (Z2117).
The first prototype Firefly (Z1826) after application of standard camouflage finish and installation of armament.
The 191st Hayes-built airframe (DT933) used for NF I trials purposes.
Fairey Firefly FR Mk I
A Fairey Firefly F Mk I (DT934) of No 1770 Squadron operating from HMS Indefatigable in the Pasific, Spring 1945.