Air Enthusiast 1972-03
Plane facts
The sole prototype of the Ikarus Orkan (Hurricane) which was projected in three-seat attack bomber and two-seat heavy fighter versions.
The Fanaero-Chile Chincol primary trainer prototype flown in December 1955.
The Opel-Sander Rak.1 mounted on its take-off track.
The bank of 16 Sander powder rockets in the rear of the abbreviated fuselage nacelle.
One of the pre-series I.M.A.M. Ro.63 STOL liaison monoplanes obviously inspired by the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch.
The TsKB-27 with the lower sideview illustrating the R-9 derived from this aircraft.
Выпуклая задняя кабина самолета Fort давала инструктору хороший обзор передней полусферы над кабиной курсанта.
The final production Fleet Model 60 Fort trainer (Serial No 3660).
The Koolhoven F.K.55 photographed prior to its single flight test.
The Koolhoven F.K.55 during ground trials at Welschap airfield.
The arrangement of the power plant and extension shaft of the F.K.55.
The F.K.55 in its proposed definitive form with retractable undercarriage.