Air Enthusiast 1972-03
Model enthusiast
I-16 Type 10 of Spanish Grupo Num 21 (1938).
Chinese Type 10, Hankow (1939).
Type 24 of 72nd V-MF Reg, Murmansk (1941-2).
Type 24, Odessa (Autumn-Winter 1941).
An I-16 Type 24 operating over the Central Sector of the front in the summer of 1941. The inscription on the fuselage sides reads Za Stalina! (For Stalin!), each aircraft of this particular unit sporting a different fuselage inscription.
Учебный чехословацкий CB-33
The Ilyushin Il-10 served with the Czechoslovak Air Force as the B-33. A dual-control training version, the CB-33 with extended cockpit glazing, is illustrated.