Air Enthusiast 1972-03
Britons in exile /Veteran & Vintage/
Originally in service with the RAF as RS709 at the No 3 CAACU, Exeter, this Mosquito B Mk 35 left the UK in December to join the Confederate Air Force collection at Harlinger, Texas. Since it retired from the RAF in 1963, it had been owned by the Skyfame Museum and was used in the films "633 Squadron" and "Mosquito Squadron" as G-ASKA. It now carries the civil registration N9797 and is the only airworthy example in the USA.
Among the several veteran aircraft preserved at Bankstown Airport, Sydney, is this fine specimen of the Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk 11. Originally WH588, it was operational in Korea and is now owned by Arnold Glass, carrying the registration VH-BOU.
One of the few examples of the Thruxton Jackaroo surviving outside the UK, CF-QOT was photographed at York, Ontario, September 1971. Originally Tiger Moth N6924 in service with the RAF, it became G-APHZ when first converted to a Jackaroo and before its sale to Canada.
Beautifully restored by Don Plumb of Windsor, Ontario, this Spitfire Trainer now carries its original RAF serial number TE308 and typical RAF colours, although it never served in the RAF as two-seater. After conversion to a trainer by Supermarine, it went to the Irish Air Force as 162, subsequently appearing on the British register as G-AWGB for the film "Battle of Britain".