Aeroplane Monthly 1977-07
B.Gunston - The first jet fighters
One of the first production Meteor Is gets a checkover. The starboard Welland engine and sideways-hinging canopy are well shown.
The second production Meteor I, EE211, was powered by 1,700lb thrust Rolls-Royce Welland Is.
Meteor Is of 616 Squadron at Mansion, Kent, in 1945. Operations against V.1 flying bombs had begun on July 27, 1944.
Gloster G.41D Meteor III EE401, powered by a pair of 2,000lb thrust Derwents, was photographed in October 1945.
With the entry of the Meteor F.4 into service, powered by up rated Derwent V engines, the RAF had a really reliable and fast front-line jet fighter.
A quartet of Meteor F.4s from 43 Squadron in 1950. The three nearest aircraft are VT256, VT104 and VT245.
Photographed in February 1943, F.9/40 Meteor fifth prototype DG206 was equipped with a pair of 1,500lb thrust Halford H.1 turbojets which enabled it to become the first Meteor to fly, on March 5 that year. Note bullet fairing behind tailplane rather than in front.
A line-up of Derwent-powered Meteor IIIs of 74 Squadron at Bentwaters, September 1945. The sliding, clear-view canopy introduced on the Mk III is well shown here.