Aeroplane Monthly 1977-08
A.Ord-Hume - Dart Kitten /British pre-war ultralights/
Kitten III G-AMJP, fitted with wheel brakes, crashed at Hillington, King's Lynn, on June 5, 1966. A fourth Kitten, VH-WGL, was home-built at Port Moresby in New Guinea. Does anyone have any photos of this aircraft, please?
John Fricker air testing Kitten II G-AEXT for The Aeroplane in 1950, when the aircraft was owned by W. G. A. Harrison. This owner had G-AEXT completely rebuilt after the war.
A. R. Weyl testing the Kitten I, G-AERP, near Dunstable in January 1937. Note the lack of engine cowlings and the long, straight exhaust pipes of the 27 h.p. Ava flat-four two-stroke engine.
In this flying picture, the "gull" effect may just be discerned.
Kittens G-AERP and G-AEXT together at Hatfield in 1937.
Two views of the completed prototype taken in 1937.
F. D. Bradbrooke swinging 'XT's compass at Hatfield three days before the Isle of Man Race.