Air Enthusiast 1972-04
??? - The First Jet Fighter: The story oh the Heinkel He 280
The He 280 V1 being towed off the Marienehe runway by an He 111H for gliding trials.
The He 280 V1 taking-off at Marienehe with uncowled engines for its initial powered flight test on 2 April 1941.
The He 280V3.
The starboard HeS 8A turbojet of the He 280 V3 with forward cowling segments removed.
The He 280 V7 as a glider prior to the installation of turbojets in November 1943.
He 280V1 еще не имел двигателей и летал только на буксире
The He 280 V1 seen at Marienehe in the winter of 1940-1 with dummy engine nacelles for initial gliding trials.
The He 280 V3 after a forced landing when a turbine blade broke away shortly after take-off.