Aeroplane Monthly 1977-11
H.Best-Devereux - Oshkosh Silver Jubilee
This half-scale Lockheed YF-80 was built by Windstar of Boise, Idaho. Constructed of aluminium, it uses scaled down T-33 tip tanks and canopy. It is powered by the Davis Cold-Jet, has an estimated maximum speed of 300 m.p.h. plus and is due to make its maiden flight shortly.
This particularly convincing Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless was built over a five-year period at a cost of $15,000. The plans were scaled up from a rubber-powered scale model and the all-metal craft first flew on May 25 this year.
The Pitcairn PA-8 was the largest of the Mailwing series, and this one is the sole surviving airworthy example.
The EAA Air Museum's Spirit of St Louis replica, which earlier this year carried out a 4 1/2 month tour of 48 states in a re-enactment of Lindbergh's 1927 tour of the USA.
Yet another scaled-down Second World War aircraft on show was this two-thirds scale Westland Whirlwind. Powered by two 1600cc VW engines and built of aluminium, it was completed just in time for Oshkosh and was not flown.
Shadowing the Spirit of St Louis replica was this Stinson SM-8A, used as a support aircraft during the tour of American states.
The Rutan Vari-Eze contingent.
The sole surviving Kari Keen "Sioux Coupe" 90B, N10721, has recently been restored by Forrest Lovely and was voted this year's Oshkosh Antique Grand Champion. It is powered by a 90 h.p. Warner and has a maximum speed of 115 m.p.h.
This Stephens-Sorrell Hiperbipe SNS-7 is the first of the two-seat Hiperbipes to be completed and flown. The first Hiperbipe was built in 1973 and to date 25 are reported to be under construction.
One of the growing number of miniature World War Two fighters was this scaled-down Fw 190 fighter produced from WAR plans and kit.
The two-seat Jonas Hummingbird canard features a lifting fuselage, moulded glass fibre wings and fuselage, and graphite wing spars and landing gear struts. Powered by a 78 h.p. Revmaster VW 2000cc engine, the first flight of the Hummingbird is expected this October.
John Moody flew this powered Icarus II Easy Riser at Oshkosh. About 100 kits are currently being built.