Aeroplane Monthly 1978-01
E.Rees - Cierva's triple rotor chopper
After its 1949 Farnborough appearance VZ724 began flight trials at maximum weight, flying at 17,500lb AUW on October 12.
VZ724 performing at Farnborough in 1949, the fin area having been increased by the addition of fore and aft extensions.
The second Air Horse, WA555, at Eastleigh in July/August 1950 after reassembly following accident investigations. A prototype Skeeter is on the left.
Both machines at Eastleigh early in 1950, when WA555 was at the ground running stage.
A rear view, showing the spacious interior. The original configuration of the outrigger booms is also shown.
VZ724 airborne at Eastleigh Airport, displaying its original tail-fins and the long-stroke undercarriage. The outriggers have already been modified.
Cierva W.11 Air Horse