Aeroplane Monthly 1978-01
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Defective undercarriage design was the cause of many accidents to the Polikarpov I-15 "Chato," this one occurring at San Javier in 1948. Used by the Republican Air Force during the war, they were taken over by the Nationalists after their victory.
Fiat CR-32 3-71, of the Second Squadron of the “Grupo Morato,” which turned over during the war.
Heinkel He-51B 2-54 of Assault Group 1-G-2 after a landing accident as a result of damage. The unit's stork and chain emblem is well shown.
A Cant Z501 flying boat, the victim of a vicious storm which turned it over while it was moored at its base in the bay of Polensa, Majorca, in February 1938. This storm destroyed or damaged more aircraft than the Republican forces.
Originally introduced to Spain by the Legion Condor, the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch (Cignena in Spanish) was later used for glider towing, for which more were bought. The glider tug seen here was painted a light yellow overall.
This Romeo Ro-37 of Assault Group 4-G-12, “Cadena,” crashed during an emergency landing after being damaged by anti-aircraft fire at the battlefront. The unit’s winged chain insignia is carried on the fuselage.
This CASA 1.131 (licence-built Bucker Bu 131) ended up like this when its pilot attempted a half-loop with insufficient height.