Aeroplane Monthly 1978-02
W.Thompson - North American's Twin Mustang (1)
Several F-82Es of the 27th Wing beginning their approach to Bergstrom Air Force Base after gunnery practice over Matagorda Island in 1949.
A severe oil leak in the port engine of this F-82E almost caused it to quit, but the pilot landed this 523rd Fighter Squadron aircraft safely back at Kearney AFB.
An F-82E prepares for take-off. Note the 8th AF emblem on the side of the aircraft, denoting assignment to Strategic Air Command.
One of the F-82Es assigned to the 522nd Squadron of the 27th Fighter Wing at Bergstrom AFB, seen in 1949.
The Confederate Air Force's newly restored F-82B, N12012/44-65162 during its first flight. Photographed by MICHAEL O'LEARY.
An F-82 unleashes its rockets on the "enemy" during a 9th AF demonstration at Eglin.
This F-82F was probably operated by one of the squadrons in the 325th Fighter Group. A total of 100 F models was delivered to the Air Force.
This F-82F, No 414, was flown by the 5th All-Weather Squadron of the 52nd Group. The photograph was probably taken at one of the Nevada gunnery meets. Note the rockets under the port wing.
F-82H aircraft from the 449th All- Weather Squadron taxiing out for a practice mission, probably at Ladd AFB, Alaska.
An F-82F of the 5th All-Weather Squadron, 52nd Fighter Group, participating in the gunnery meets at Las Vegas, Nevada, in March 1950.
Betty Jo, the aircraft that made the non-stop Hawaii-New York record flight on February 27, 1947, covering 5,051 miles in 14hr 31min. It is now displayed at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.
Capt Ray Sharp climbs out of his F-82 after a gunnery run over Matagorda island in 1949. The aircraft was assigned to Col Cy Wilson.
The CO's F-82E sitting on the ramp. Ole 97 was flown by Col Cy Wilson and was trimmed in red, white and blue to include all three squadrons (522nd, 523rd and 534th) under Wilson’s command. The photograph was taken in 1949.
An F-82E long-range escort fighter of the 27th Fighter Wing, probably from the 524th Fighter Squadron, at Concord, California, in May 1949.
F-82Es of the 523rd Fighter Squadron at their home base, Bergstrom AFB, Texas, in 1949. The three squadrons of the 27th Wing were identified by red, white and blue trim. The red was 522nd, white was 523rd and blue was 524th.
1. 1.860 h.p. Rolls-Royce Packard Merlin engine; 2. Inward retracting main undercarriage leg; 3. Wing fuel cells; 4. Wing racks of high velocity rockets; 5. Pilot's cockpit; 6. Direction-finding loop aerial; 7. Retractable tailwheel; 8. Horizontal tailplane; 9. Radio aerial mast; 10. Radar operator/second pilot’s cockpit; 11. Six-gun wing tray; 12. Ammunition bay; 13. Aero products propeller; 14. Nose air scoop; 15. Exhaust stacks.