Aeroplane Monthly 1978-03
H.Andrews - McDonnel F3H Demon /Fighters of the fifties/ (18)
XF3H-1 Demon prototype
F3H-1N Demon
F3H-2M Demon 137033e of VF61, complete with Jolly Roger, taking off on April 10,1957.
The first XF3H-1 on the flight ramp at the McDonnell plant, St Louis, on July 6, 1951, ready for taxiing tests.
The first production F3H-1N, 133489, approaches for touchdown on the St Louis runway during an early flight. This aircraft first flew on December 24, 1953.
133549, the first production F3H-2N, on an early test flight. Note the one-piece windshield.
The second F3H-1N, 133490, with leading edge slats extended. This aircraft was lost in March 1954.
An early F3H-2M, 133627e, shows off its four Sparrows over NATC Patuxent River, Maryland, on July 13, 1956. F3H-2M becoming the MF-3B from September 1962.
Four F3H-2s of VF-31, Carrier Air Group Three, with shortened, tapered tail cones.
Two F3H-2s of VF141, Carrier Air Group Fourteen, on February 13, 1961.
With slats extended and flaps partially lowered, the second F3H-1N, 133490, makes a low flypast.
F3H-2N 133573 made special water ingestion tests behind a KC-97 tanker, and carried a starter pod to facilitate restarting.
F3H-2 145209p of VF-92 with a single 282gal tank on the port under-fuselage pylon.
The first XF3H-1, 125444, takes off for its maiden flight on August 7, 1951. Note the open cockpit, extended slots and the auxiliary intake door above the wing leading edge.
The XF3H-1 prototype, 125444, with its enormous canopy in evidence.
Another take-off study, with the undercarriage on its way up.
A similar study of the fourth F3H-1N, 133492, overflying the St Louis runway.
A gathering of F3H-2Ns, with 136996 of VF131, based aboard USS Constellation, nearest.
This shot of F3H-2N 133559 being readied for a catapult launch displays the wing folding to advantage.
F3H-2 Demon of VF 131 based on USS Constellation