Aeroplane Monthly 1978-04
D.Middleton - Courier Airspeed's innovator (2)
FOR FAST TRAVEL: Our photographer shows what the "Courier" looks like with the undercarriage up and down. This machine is for Commercial Airways Ltd which operate from Abridge Aerodrome, Essex.
THE "COURIER" IN THE RACE: Sqd. Ldr. Stodart's Airspeed "Courier" coming up to the hangar on Sunday afternoon. This machine arrived immediately after the "Viceroy."
The first production Courier, G-ACJL was flown into fourth place in the handicap section of the MacRobertson Race in October 1934.
Courier G-ACVF, with fixed undercarriage, being flown by Sqn Ldr R. J. Jones over Southend on March 30, 1947. The aircraft was withdrawn from use nine months later.
Envoys in production at Portsmouth, with the Air Ministry's Courier K4047, minus wings, at right.
Courier G-ACNZ was designated A.S.5C and used as a test-bed for the Rapier IV 325 h.p. engine. This engine drove a four-bladed propeller and greatly reduced the frontal area, with a resultant increase in performance.
Courier G-ACLF in the colours of R. K. Dundas Ltd. posed with a Rolls-Royce Phantom II. ’LF passed to North Eastern Airways Ltd at Croydon and then to Portsmouth. Southsea and Isle of Wight Aviation Ltd. It was impressed into RAF service as X9342 but dismantled at Kemble in 1943.
Courier G-ACLT flew with North Eastern Airways and Air Taxis Ltd before being impressed as X9394.
Courier G-ACLR flew with PSIOW, was impressed as X9344 and crashed at Bolt Head Aerodrome, Devon, in August 1942.
Courier G-ACSY was operated by London, Scottish & Provincial Airways Ltd until it crashed at Sevenoaks, Kent, on September 29, 1934.
The wreckage of Courier G-ACVE on August 20, 1936, after two men without flying experience crashed on take off attempting to take the aircraft to Spain.