Air Enthusiast 1972-05
J.Fricker - Post-mortem on an air war
An F-86F Sabre of the Pakistan Air Force waits in its protected and camouflaged dispersal pen to take-off on a close-support mission with bombs and rockets.
A Mirage IIIEP of the Pakistan Air Force over the Karakoram mountains.
Подвеска бомбы на пакистанский «Мираж» IIIEP
Re-arming a Mirage IIIEP of No 5 Sqdn between sorties during the Indo-Pakistan conflict.
A Mirage IIIEP to which No 5 Squadron began converting in 1968.
A line-up of 22 Pakistan Air Force Mirages at Sargodha in Januray 1972. Pakistan denies having received more than 24 Mirages but other sources disagree.
One of the small number of Lockheed RT-33As remaining in the PAF inventory for the tactical reconnaissance role.
A close-up view of a GAR-8 (AIM-9B) Sidewinder mounted on a MiG-19 (F-6) of the Pakistan Air Force.
A Chinese-built MiG-19 with US-supplied Sidewinder air-to-air missiles - surely a unique example of American-designed armament toted by a Soviet-designed fighter built without benefit of a manufacturing license by the Chinese!
Camouflaged Canadair-built Sabre Mk 6s which played a major role in the conflict.