Air Enthusiast 1972-05
J.Fozard - A jump-jet for two
The experimental extension of the fin root with original fin height and (below) the final 18-in (46-cm) fin extension used in development trials.
The colorful, appropriately-registered Harrier Mk 52 demonstrator.
This aircraft in ferry configuration with 27-in (68,5-cm) extended wing tips and two 330-Imp gal (150-l) ferry drop tanks.
The development two-seater XW175 with the final production 18-in (46-cm) extended fin.
Four of the production two-seat Harrier T Mk 2s on the flight line of No 233 OCU at RAF Wittering.
The original version of the 18-in (46-cm) extended fin on the development Harrier T Mk 2 XW175, with the underfin removed for one series of tests. The extended tailcone carries a brake/antispin 'chute and is a standard fit for all development flying but is not carried on Service Harriers.
The development Harrier T Mk 2 XW175 with the 23-in (58-cm) extended fin for flight trials.
The way in which the Harrier T Mk 2 front fuselage was evolved from that of the Harrier 1.
The Harrier T Mk 2 (early production standard) rear fuselage.
The production Harrier T Mk 2 with gun pods, bombs, drop tanks and rocket pods.