Aeroplane Monthly 1978-07
R.Sturtivant - FAA Avengers at war (1)
Another look at Avenger I FN903
Avenger I G for George of 851 Squadron is manhandled into the hangar aboard HMS Shah in the Indian Ocean, late 1944. The non-standard roundel was the work of a misguided airman.
FN766, from the first production batch of Tarpon Is, is seen during trials in April 1943.
Avenger TR.Mk II из 856-й эскадрильи на борту британского военного корабля "Премьер", конец 1944 года. Это подразделение участвовало в операциях у берегов Норвегии и сопровождало морские конвои в СССР.
The CO of 856 Squadron, Lt Cdr H. C. K. Housser, RCNVR, takes off from the deck of HMS Premier.
Two ASV-equipped Grumman Avenger Is, possibly of 850 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, photographed by CHARLES E. BROWN about 1944.
General Motors-built JZ574, photographed in July 1944, was an Avenger TR Mk II.
A trio of 848 Squadron Avengers from HMS Formidable during a raid on Japan in August 1945. Nearest is JZ466, with JZ114 in the lead.
Avengers of 853 Squadron after a deck accident aboard HMS Queen on April 27, 1945, The central aircraft is JZ400.
The crew abandon an unidentified ditched Avenger of the British Pacific Fleet. Note the man swimming away by the port tailplane.