Aeroplane Monthly 1978-07
R.Lindsay - De Havilland Venom, part 2 /Fighters of the fifties/ (19)
Early production Venom NF.2 WL808 shows the slats on its wing leading edges, just inboard of the tip tanks, and the original heavy canopy frame. First unit to operate the type was No 23 Squadron at Coltishall.
Venom NF.2s of No 33 Squadron, based at Driffield, over Yorkshire. The Squadron bars were light and dark blue and red.
Last de Havilland fighter to serve with the RAF was the Venom, shown in its day fighter FB Mk 4 version.
Venom FB.4 WR413 displays its revised tail surfaces and underwing tanks.
An FB.4 of Venezuela's Escuadron de Caza No 34, based at Maiquietta.
An all-yellow J-33 serving in civil markings as a target tug with Swedair Ltd. This machine is now preserved in the Flygvapnet Museum at Malmslatt.
NF.3s of “B” Flight, 23 Squadron, over the East Anglian coast in 1955. The Squadron bars and tails of the tip tanks were blue and red.
One of about 30 Venom FB.50s delivered to the Iraqi Air Force between 1954 and ’56. They equipped 5 and 6 Squadrons at Habbaniya.