Aeroplane Monthly 1978-07
P.Birtles - Chinese Tridents
Trident 2E G-AZFT, photographed in November 1972.
The sixth CAAC Trident 2E with ferry markings as G-AZFY and Chinese registration 250.
Super Trident 3 G-BAJM/B-270, c/n 328, over Nuthampstead on September 24, 1975.
Another study of Super Trident 3 G-BAJM on September 24, 1975, showing the Chinese registration on the top of the starboard wing. The aircraft was reducing speed with flaps out as it approached the Dove photographic aircraft.
The last Trident, the 2E G-BBWH, c/n 2189, lifts off for its maiden flight at Hatfield on April 17 this year.
The first Trident 2, G-AZFT/240, c/n 2157, during a test flight on November 6, 1972.
The first Super Trident 3, G-BAJL/B-268, leaves Hatfield for China on August 22, 1975.
Trident 2 G-BABR/254, c/n 2164, first aircraft of the second order for six Trident 2Es, on the apron at Hatfield on August 24, 1974.
The flight deck of a CAAC Trident 2E. The customer's quality control team at Hatfield followed the aircraft through production.