Aeroplane Monthly 1978-11
J.Bruce - Austin's aggressor (1)
Among the Nieuport 16s which Ball flew operationally was A126, issued to No 11 Squadron on April 26, 1916, and wrecked on May 27.
Ball had a number of successful combats in Nieuport 17 A201 (ex N1494) in 1916. It was with 60 Squadron from August 23, 1916, until March 22, 1917.
A200 (ex N1553) was the first Nieuport 17 to be allocated to the RFC. Ball flew it at least once while he was in 60 Squadron.
The newly-completed A.F.B.1 outside the Austin works at Longbridge in mid-1917. The flank radiators and narrow-chord blades of the Grahame-White airscrew are apparent.
By taking advantage of the A.F.B.1’s deep fuselage, designer Brooks was able to place the pilot’s eyes in line with the upper wing, vastly improving his field of vision.
This three-quarter rear view of the A.F.B.1 at Long bridge reveals the lower wing cut-outs.