Air Enthusiast 1972-09
??? - Ferocious Feline
The first British Jaguar, the single-seat S-06, on an early test flight before the fin height had been extended and wing fences added.
The sole navalised prototype, Jaguar M-05, during trials aboard Clemenceau.
The second British Jaguar, S-07, after modification to the production configuration.
The seventh Jaguar prototype (S-07) before installation of the laser, carrying fuel tanks and bombs.
With flight refuelling probe extended from its stowage in the front starboard fuselage side, the Jaguar S-07 is seen during refuelling tests with a Victor K Mk 1A tanker from No 57 Squadron, RAF.
The seventh Jaguar prototype (S-07) modified to the operational British single-seat configuration, with laser rangefinder in the nose.
The third Jaguar (A-03) is shown with the trial installation of the pitot intakes that have now been adopted as the production standard, the splitter plates previously used having been discarded. A Martel ASM is shown beneath the fuselage in this picture.
Sepecat Jaguar GR.Mk 1
Jaguar prototypes: E-01 as first flown; A-03 with pitot intakes and ventral fins; M-05 with ventral fins added; S-07 in latest form; B-08 as now flying.
The first production Jaguar GR Mk 1.
The first Jaguar, E-01, after ventral fins had been fitted.
Eighth and last of the Jaguar prototypes is B-08, the British two-seat variant. It has the same operational capability as the single-seater but is without one of the 30-mm cannon and the laser rangefinder.