Air Enthusiast 1972-09
E.Brown - A brush with exoticism /Viewed from the Cockpit/
The landing skid of the Me 163B in the extended position.
The main instrument panel carried the normal array of rate-of-climb indicator, turn-and-bank indicator, fine-course altimeter, and altitude-compensated ASI reading from 100 to 1 000 km/h. Two pressure gauges were mounted on the starboard side of the main panel, and the small panel mounted to port carried the landing skid control, a pull-out handle for fuel jettisoning, and a cock for emergency take-off trolley jettisoning. A hydraulic hand pump and selector valve also to port operated the two-position lading flaps.
The RAE transonic research aircraft project with pilot occupying a prone position beneath the intake ducting and a dual-skid landing gear.