Air Enthusiast 1972-09
Plane facts
The photograph illustrates the fifth production AJ-1 Savage (BuA No 122594) while undergoing trials at the Naval Air Test Center. When first ordered, the Savage was the largest and heaviest aircraft designed for shipboard operation.
The SFAN 11 L2 was designed and built to meet a requirement for a STOL "artillery-liaison" aircraft, and first flew in January 1940.
The drawings of the two projected versions of the Heinkel P 1077, the Julia I in which the pilot occupied a prone position, and the Julia II with more orthodox pilot accomodation. The P 1077 was a ramp-launched target-defence interceptor.
The Gotaverken GV-38 was a license-built version of the Rearwin 9000-L Sportster.