Air Enthusiast 1972-09
Airdata File
The Fairchild A-10A, one of the two A-X close air support aircraft now being evaluated competitively by the USAF.
The McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle prototype was rolled out at St Louis on 16 June 1972.
A general arrangement drawing of the McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle now in its initial flight test phase.
SIAI-Marchetti's Warrior is the latest variant of the SF260, with additional weapon-carrying capability.
Having recently completed its state trials, the Antonov An-14M is expected to enter service as a light utility aircraft next year. The photograph shows a prototype with original fins-and-rudders.
The production version of An-14M.
Shown on an early test flight, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Series 30 is the principal intercontinental model, deliveries of which will begin in December 1972.
The Aerospatiale SA 360, which began its flight test programme early in June 1972, is intended as a replacement for the highly sucessful Alouette III.
First production example of the Aeritalia AM.3C, ordered by the armed forces of Italy, South Africa and Rwanda
General arrangement drawing of the production version of the Aeritalia-Aermacchi AM-3C for South Africa.
Designed in Czechoslovakia by the Aero Group, the HC-4 helicopter is derived from the smaller HC-4 flown some years ago. Prototypes are under construction at the Chocen factory in East Bohemia but production is likely to be based in Poland. Accomodating two pilots and up to six passengers, the HC-4 is powered by a 740 shp Walter M601H. Diameter of the three-bladed semi-rigid rotor is 34 ft 8 in (10,57 m), overall length is 31 ft 10 in (9,70 m) and height is 10 ft 1 in (3,07 m).