Air Enthusiast 1972-10
??? - To Berlin by night ... the Yermolayev bomber
В небольших количествах строился дальний бомбардировщик ДБ-240 Ермолаева (Ер-2), принимавший участие в налете на Берлин.
The Klimov M-105-powered Yaermplayev Yer-2 bomber.
The Klimov M-105-powered Yaermplayev Yer-2 bomber, illustrated by the general arrangement drawing above, was one of the better combat aeroplanes entering service with the V-VS RKKA when German forces invaded the Soviet Union, but was to be afforded little opportunity to distinguish itself in action.
The STAL-7 commercial transport, designed by Roberto L Bartini, provided the basis for the Yermolayev series of long-range bombers.