Air Enthusiast 1972-10
??? - A cat for dogfighting: Northrop's tougher Tiger
The first F-5E Tiger II (71-1417) began its initial flight testing on 11 August 1972 at Edwards Airforce Base, Calif. The F-5E is already the subject of firm orders from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia through the US Foreign Military Sales Program, and recipients under MAP include Jordan, Taiwan, South Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea.
The new intales and ducting of the Tiger II, which cater for the 22 per cent increase in thrust over that available to the F-5A, have been designed specifically to favour the requirements of maneuvring flight.
The cockpit interior of the Tiger II. All primary equipment, such as flight controls, aircraft system controls, and console structure have been so located as to permit considerable flexibility for accommodating different sub-system configurations.
Northrop F-5E Tiger II
The enlarged and revised wing root leading-edge extensions, the enlarged engine air intakes, and the revised aft fuselage decking, which are the primary external features of the Tiger II that have not appeared on any previous version of the basic F-5, are clearly illustrated by this general arrangement drawing.